3 Steps to Building Brand Loyalty

brand loyaltyOne of the biggest challenges facing marketers is gaining and retaining customers. All customers are of value, but that value doesn’t equal consumer loyalty to your brand. Some consumers of your brand become lifelong users, advocates and enthusiast.  Other consumers are less committed to your brand and are easily swayed through consumer promotions, competitive pricing and convenience. You can’t please all consumers at all times. What is not a given, however, is the size of the “loyalist” segment for any given brand. Continue reading

Get a Head Start on Your Holiday Marketing

holiday-shoppingAs I was shopping for some outdoor and patio items this past weekend and noticed several “Christmas” sections starting to appear in many major retail establishments.  The holiday marketing season is rapidly approaching and consumer marketers are already in the process of finalizing holiday strategies.  Even though successful marketing tactics and strategies carry over from year-to-year, each season offers new wrinkles on old ideas and sometimes completely new marketing channels and technologies.   Here are a few tactics to consider when planning your holiday marketing campaign: Continue reading

How To Use Hashtags For Your Business

hashtagsI recently attended a screening of BET’s new movie and upcoming TV series “Being Mary Jane,” starring Gabrielle Union.  At the screening, they asked everyone attending to promote the show on Twitter and Instagram using several different hashtags.   Since then, I’ve been noticing that everyone is using a hash tag!  Dallas small businesses and agencies would do well to follow what Hollywood movies are doing and get on the hashtag bandwagon. Continue reading

10 Advantages to Using LinkedIn!

The World’s Largest Professional Network with over 200 Million members.LinkedInAudit

The single best place to manage your professional brand is LinkedIn.com.  I’m assuming at this point, most professionals with any social media interest have a profile.  If you don’t, carve out time to explore and build your personal brand using this powerhouse professional networking tool.

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Creating Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

facebook-and-twitter-logoMarketing your company or business online through social media can become a slippery slope. Before you send out your first Tweet or Facebook post, there are a few things to consider before making your presence known in the social media stratosphere.

The best way Twitter can promote your business is through the simple use of updates. Of course, this is easier said than done. Your company should use it to link other internet resources such as a blog, employee LinkedIn profiles or aparticular industry expert report.

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