15 Things Successful Brand Managers Should Master


Recently, I spoke on a marketing panel at a Young Entrepreneur’s Conference at the University of Texas, at Dallas.  In my conversations with these bright young dreamers, one reoccurring theme was a constant question….How do you build a successful brand?

Now, I love opportunities like this because it allows me to share a few brand management insights I learned from working with several successful brand managers throughout my career. I wanted to share with you a few of the insights I’ve learned.  I collaborated with my good friend Sheldon Boyea, Senior Brand Manager at Kimberly Clark Corporation to share a list of 15 jewels and insights with you. It is important to understand the consumer is boss and should drive everything you do.  Enjoy! Continue reading

How Relevant Is Your Marketing To Your Customer?

bulls eye-resized-600One of my favorite daily emails I receive is “Shop It To Me”.   “Shop It To Me” is like an online personal shopper.  I filled out a survey and told them my favorite brands and sizes, etc.  They do all the work!  They scout the web and deliver a personalized Salemail™ that features the latest markdowns, secret promotion codes, and VIP sale events!  “Shop It To Me” uses Commerce Relevancy, which is the next wave putting your client marketing on another level.  How often are you getting emails with “your personal product recommendations”? How personalized and correct are they really? How relevant is the information you are sending to your customers?

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