Why Radio is Right for your DFW Business


Even though it’s been overshadowed in recent years by other forms of media, radio remains a stalwart and time-proven form of outreach. In fact, in terms of its combination of reach and affordability, radio can be one of the best methods through which a growing Dallas business can advertise!

The Dallas radio market is the fifth-largest in the country, with nearly five million daily listeners, which makes it a powerful avenue of outreach for virtually any business. Yet, in our view, not enough businesses are taking advantage of it. Continue reading

5 Ways to be SMART and Set Annual Goals!


It’s that wonderful time of the year right?  A new year means new beginnings, and new adventures, right?  2014 is our chance to press reset, reinvent ourselves, get healthy, lose weight and take on new challenges.  Well not so fast!  Can we take a moment to be honest; most of us have already broken a few New Year resolutions, LOL.  We stifle ourselves or fail to set goals because we can’t decide on what we want to achieve. Most of us fall victim to setting goals we lose sight of as the velocity of life starts to pull one-way or the other, we abandon our path and our goals become after thoughts. Continue reading

ALERT: Consumer Trends to Watch in 2013

There is a cool new consumer trend sweeping the world right now spurring innovation. In today’s “On-Demand” economy consumers are not just demanding innovation, but they want cool exciting products. They want the best; they want it first, and they want an experience with real human connection.

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