5 Ways to be SMART and Set Annual Goals!


It’s that wonderful time of the year right?  A new year means new beginnings, and new adventures, right?  2014 is our chance to press reset, reinvent ourselves, get healthy, lose weight and take on new challenges.  Well not so fast!  Can we take a moment to be honest; most of us have already broken a few New Year resolutions, LOL.  We stifle ourselves or fail to set goals because we can’t decide on what we want to achieve. Most of us fall victim to setting goals we lose sight of as the velocity of life starts to pull one-way or the other, we abandon our path and our goals become after thoughts. Continue reading

Five Reasons Leaders Should Set Annual Reading Goals

thedeathofcaptainmarvelAside from the fact that reading is my guilty pleasure, I thought I’d share a few insights on why I now set annual reading goals and you should too!  Let me set the stage, I developed my passion for reading as a kid obsessing over comic books.  My family will tell you, growing up I was a comic book fanatic or geek.  I once even got into a school yard fight with a friend that stole one of my favorite titles The Death of Captain Marvel  glad we can all laugh about that now, sheesh!

I obsessed over the intricate details of each book; truth is every word seemed to jump off each page granting me the ability to tap a great certain creative energy that only increased as I got older.  Although, my reading tastes have changed over the years it’s still a passion. Continue reading

Forbes: 14 Things Successful People Do On The Weekends


The weekend is always time to unplug and recharge your batteries. Highly successful people figure out a way to do that and stay focused. It is hard to do that sometimes. I ran across this article on Forbes just to see if I had it right or at least part of it right.

1) Make Time For Family & Friends (this is so important, especially when you don’t spend much time with them during the week)

2) Exercise (gives you the perfect opportunity to get moving and clear your mind at the same time)

3) Pursue Your Passion

See the list here