Why Radio is Right for your DFW Business


Even though it’s been overshadowed in recent years by other forms of media, radio remains a stalwart and time-proven form of outreach. In fact, in terms of its combination of reach and affordability, radio can be one of the best methods through which a growing Dallas business can advertise!

The Dallas radio market is the fifth-largest in the country, with nearly five million daily listeners, which makes it a powerful avenue of outreach for virtually any business. Yet, in our view, not enough businesses are taking advantage of it. Continue reading

Black Friday 2.0—the Cyber Monday Phenomenon

Forget waking up at 2am to get in line at Best Buy; or ending Thanksgiving dinner early to get to Victoria’s Secret at 9pm… All you have to do is turn on your mobile device or tablet and shop from the comfort of home.

Black Friday

Continue reading

Guerrilla Marketing & the Small Business


Have you ever been minding your own business, carrying out your daily errands, trying to conquer the world one mundane task at a time, and some random crazy person comes up to you and asks you follow them up to some elaborate tent setup to try a little taste of Cup A and B of some unmarked food or drink product; to find out which you prefer?  Or have you been riding your friendly neighborhood public transportation and noticed that the hand railing you are holding for balance isn’t just railing anymore, it’s actually a set of exercise weights? Continue reading