Join the App Movement and Get Your Consumers Engaged!

FoxappThe season finale of So You Think You Can Dance was last night and what a great finale it was! You may or may not be a fan but if you were, this season was the best yet!  Why?  Well, the dancing, of course; but also because of The FOX NOW app.  This year, you didn’t have to remember every dancer’s phone number or text code and risk getting confused and accidently vote for the wrong one. The horror!  Continue reading

The Age of Instagram: How to use P2P Marketing at it’s BEST


Once upon a time Facebook ruled the world and advertisers clamored to break into its social space. And they did, and in a big annoying way.  The dominating opinion of most users is that interruption of leisurely social time with ads is a huge marketing No-No! Users avoid News-feed ads and discount them as invasive, monitored messages that interrupt private time. And alas, things changed and the old Facebook became extinct as has the former user enthusiasm around it. Continue reading

ALERT: Consumer Trends to Watch in 2013

There is a cool new consumer trend sweeping the world right now spurring innovation. In today’s “On-Demand” economy consumers are not just demanding innovation, but they want cool exciting products. They want the best; they want it first, and they want an experience with real human connection.

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