15 Things Successful Brand Managers Should Master


Recently, I spoke on a marketing panel at a Young Entrepreneur’s Conference at the University of Texas, at Dallas.  In my conversations with these bright young dreamers, one reoccurring theme was a constant question….How do you build a successful brand?

Now, I love opportunities like this because it allows me to share a few brand management insights I learned from working with several successful brand managers throughout my career. I wanted to share with you a few of the insights I’ve learned.  I collaborated with my good friend Sheldon Boyea, Senior Brand Manager at Kimberly Clark Corporation to share a list of 15 jewels and insights with you. It is important to understand the consumer is boss and should drive everything you do.  Enjoy! Continue reading


hashtags1As the presence and influence of social media branding continues to climb, advertisers are capitalizing on this growing trend with unique approaches.

The music industry is transitioning from the traditional press tour and album release events, to competing with the millennial desire to have it and get it now.  Katy Perry is one artist who isn’t fighting the hunger but encouraging it. Continue reading

Geographic Segmentation: Everything is Bigger in Texas!

Texas-ShapeThere are many strategic ways to market your business.  One of the key factors in developing a marketing strategy is understanding your target consumer. There are a many ways to profile your target including marketing segmentation which can be based on any factor, like culture, economic status and geographic differences. If the market segmentation is based on geographic units, it is called geographic segmentation.   Continue reading

Marketing to “Stressed Out” Millennials

betterstressMillennial Generation or Generation Y includes those who were born roughly between 1980 and 2000. They’re rapidly coming into their own and will make up 36 percent of the workforce by next year and 46 percent by 2020.  The American Psychological Association recently released research revealing that Millennials are the most stressed demographic. Continue reading