Guerilla Marketing Tactics for Dallas Businesses

nail-polishNot every company has the budget needed for a large-scale marketing campaign, whether it’s inbound or outbound. This is especially true for smaller Dallas businesses. If you own a smaller company, don’t worry – there are still plenty of ways to effectively market your brand. In fact, you could be using guerilla marketing tactics in order to advertise your business. Guerilla marketing tactics are unique and effective ways to advertise without needing much of a budget. Both smaller companies and larger companies have made use of guerilla marketing tactics in order to increase the awareness of their brand.

The following are a few common guerilla marketing tactics that companies often employ that you can use to advertise your Dallas business:

  • Give out free merchandise – One of the easiest ways to market your brand name is by giving out free stuff. For example, if you are sponsoring an event in town, then give out free T-shirts that have the name of your business printed on them. If anyone that takes one wears it any time in the future, you’re automatically getting free advertising! It’s smart to make the thing that you’re giving away relatable to your brand. For example, if you sell paper, stationary or greeting cards, give out free pens with your company’s name on them.
  • Create referral networks – Team up with other local businesses in the area and create a referral network. For example, if you run a small bakery and the business across the street is a small coffee shop, then you can help each other out with a referral system. This would work by telling your customers to mention your business’s referral across the street at the coffee shop in order to receive a discount, and vice versa.
  • Hang posters – Putting up posters throughout town (as long as you have permission of course) is an easy way to bring awareness to your business. However, the effectiveness of your poster depends on how creative and unique it is. A poster that has a few simple graphics, your company name and some information about products and services isn’t going to draw much attention. Just think about some of the guerilla marketing poster campaigns that movies have used over the last few years. The popular film “Blair Witch Project” put up missing person posters for their lead actors to give the film an air of authenticity and to build up interest in the film’s release. The film “District 9” used segregation posters forbidding aliens in certain areas, which mirrored the films alien apartheid premise. Creativity will help you draw attention to your brand.
  • Create a fake rivalry – Find another business in town and create a fake rivalry. Obviously, you’ll want to keep it civil, but people love a good competition and it will help to draw attention to both your businesses. It’s a tactic that has been used for decades – in fact, Houdini even did it with his brother, Hardeen!
  • Give something away – If you have a product that is affordable enough that you can give it away without losing too much money, such as baked goods, then go to a populated area and do just that. If your product is good, then those who tried it will come back and pay for more.
  • Wrap your car – Put your company name and logo on your car, truck or even bike. You’ll be advertising your business wherever you go!

These are just a few guerilla marketing tactics that you can use for your Dallas business. Check out some of our other awesome ideas on our other blog posts.

If you want to get more information on how to activate a guerilla marketing campaign, let’s talk. 

Where does Radio Fit in your Dallas Businesses’ Marketing Mix?

Live In StudioPeople of all ages listen to the radio. They may listen to pop music, sports, traffic and news on a conventional AM-FM radio or smart phone. Many Dallas-Fort Worth radio stations now offer online streaming as well.

Much of the radio listening is in the car during commuter hours. This is where people get updated traffic information and news.

Your Dallas marketing strategy should include a radio ad, especially if you are in retail. This is a great way to announce a sale, a new product or service. The right ad agency will find the right stations and time slots to reach your targeted audience.


Does your product or service appeal to sports fans? If the answer is yes, consider advertising on sports radio. Sports radio is a great way to reach a large and fairly targeted audience. You can position your business as a radio sponsor of a local sporting event like NBA basketball or NFL football. This is a good audience for bars, restaurants, and other retail businesses.

It may be advantageous for a local business to sponsor a neighborhood sports event broadcast in the community. This includes a high school football or baseball game broadcast on a local low-power FM radio station. The sponsorship will increase the awareness of your product or service in the community. This is a great way to show that your business is involved with residents of Plano or Weatherford.

News and Weather

Smart drivers who keep their eyes on the road might have a news, weather and traffic station programmed for their daily commute. This is the prime commuter time slot for radio and its advertisers. Many stations offer news, weather and sports on a hourly bases. Traffic and weather information are given several times during the hour. Your radio ad can sponsor weather and traffic once during the hour or throughout the entire prime commuter time news cycle.


Country, rap, pop, jazz and classical are all at your fingertips. People wake up to music. People can wake up to your radio ad as well reminding them to shop your weekend sale.

A good quality 15 or 30 second radio spot ad will make your product or service name familiar to listeners. They may drive by your business and remember that they heard your name on the radio while heading into downtown on Central Expressway. Radio should play an important part in your Dallas marketing strategy. This medium, almost a century old, is a quick and easy way to reach your market.

Have questions about how radio can fit into your company’s marketing plan? Set up a time to talk.

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Black Friday

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