Our Pledge

Our team of trusted advisors will provide visionary strategies focusing on ideation, collaboration and the modernization of media as it applies to marketing.  We understand marketers look to us for integrated marketing solutions across an increasingly challenging and diverse marketplace and will offer information in a fun and edgy way.

Our Team

QuencyQuency Frazier

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Education: Atlanta College of Art, Brookhaven Community College

Drink of choice: Margarita on the Rocks, No Salt

Facets of the industry that lights your fire: I love working with talented people that have a lot to bring to the table creatively and analytically.  And I also love being able to share knowledge and creativity with everyone I work with.


AdellaAdella Fremstad

Hometown: Osseo, Wisconsin

Education: Chippewa Valley Technical College, Eau Claire, WI: Associate Degree-Paralegal

Drink of choice: Leinenkugels Beer

Why the ad business: I have several friends that sold radio and television. Their jobs seemed so exciting! I enjoy working with people and helping them solve their marketing challenges.

Facets of the industry that lights your fire: What I enjoy most about my job is helping clients grow by offering great products and services to our listeners. Everyone wins! The old addage is true, when you love your work, it isn’t ‘work’. There may be many ups and downs along the way, but at the end of the day I can sleep well at night happily knowing I’ve been able to help my clients grow their business. I am continually challenged by the new products and services I have to offer and the interesting people I meet every day.


HonestyTamiTami Honesty

Hometown: Zanesville, Ohio

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from The Ohio State Unviersity

Drink of choice: Grey Goose Martini with Bleu Cheese Stuffed Olives

Facets of the industry that lights your fire: I enjoy developing talent, recuiting talent into the industry and creating integrated marketing campaigns. I also enjoy the medium’s local market connection and radio’s influence over trends, behaviors and attitudes.


RomondRomond Lax

Hometown: Kansas City, MO.

Education: Associates of Arts from Highland Jr. College in Highland, KS.

Drink of choice: An Ice Cold Bud Light or water.

Why the ad business: I am a helper by nature. I have a strong satisfaction in helping business owners and marketing directors grow their business through ideas and concepts that I present.

Facets of the industry that lights your fire: The implementation of new technology and social media makes creating unique ideas endless. There is almost nothing you can’t create for a client.


AngelaAngela Miller

Hometown: Cincinnati,

Education: Doctorate?

Drink of choice: Fiji Water

Why the ad business: The money and it fit my personality perfectly.

Facets of the industry that lights your fire: I enjoy working with agencies and building relationships with key players. I like working with small business owners that need direction in planning, development, creativity while helping them build a marketing budget.


AlissaAlissa Pena

Hometown: Corpus Christi, TX. (Yes, home to Selena and most importantly Home of the WHATABURGER!)

Education: B.A. in Radio, Television, and Film from the University of North Texas

Drink of choice: In the words of UB40…”Red, Red Wine, goes to my head.” I don’t discriminate either: cabs, pinots, malbecs…I love them all!

Why the ad business: I was a RTVF major at UNT and thought film was the way to go, then I changed my mind. An internship somehow landed me a film gig right after graduation (literally stared work the Monday after graduation) then fell into promoting children’s live shows (Barney!). Shortly after that got into radio-I’ve been very lucky to have had great opportunities in my life!

Facets of the industry that lights your fire: I love being “local!” I get to meet so many great people in this town. Plus, who doesn’t love free tickets to events?!


945625_10101688913815210_1747703214_nMaurice Potts

Hometown: H-town, TX. (Houston for you non-Texans)

Education: B.A. in Political Science from the University of North Texas

Drink of choice: Long Island Ice Tea (Don’t be fooled. It’s not really tea.)

Why the ad business: I love helping people reach their goals. I get the opportunity to help businesses grow by getting others aware of my client’s services, products or events! AND I get to talk to people ALL DAY!

Facets of the industry that lights your fire: I am very passionate about working with educational institutions. I also enjoy networking and meeting new people.


garyGary Spurgeon

Hometown: Eire, PA

Education: University of Miami and Gannon University (Major: Business and Communications)

Drink of choice: Vodka Tonic with extra lime

Why the ad business: I enjoy helping customers grow their business.

Facets of the industry that lights your fire: I love local radio, serving and making a difference in the community.