Should your Dallas Business be Marketing on Facebook?

179693002Facebook is a hugely popular social media network, with well over a billion active users. If you’re under the impression that Facebook is simply a place for bored people to share cat videos and brag about how many friends they have, then you’re right, but you’re missing out on a fantastic marketing opportunity for your small business.

Dallas social media marketing is helping small businesses in this area to connect with their customers and rapidly expand their audience. Don’t get left behind! Follow these tips to launch your social media marketing campaign on Facebook.

Set Up Your Facebook Page

462049573Your business’s Facebook Page needs to contain up-to-date contact details for your business. You should also include your logo and some attractive pictures of your business, and a map so that people know where to find you. The more parts of the profile that you fill out, the more credibility it will lend to your organization.

Encourage Interaction

177048296Once your small business Facebook Page is ready to face the world, it is time for it to get noticed! The great thing about Facebook is that it can create a snowball effect, where the more people connect with your Page, the more visible it becomes to other users. Encourage everyone you know to connect with your business on Facebook to get the ball rolling.

Keep It Up

476946837Facebook success doesn’t happen overnight. Convincing all your friends to like your Page is a great start, but you need to keep up the momentum to make your Dallas social media marketing campaign really successful.

Engage Existing Customers

174319634One way to get customers engaged with your social media campaign is to put up signs in your business premises encouraging people to visit you on Facebook. You could also offer incentives for people to Like your page, such as entry into a competition or a small gift. Most importantly, make sure that you add the URL of your Facebook Page onto all your printed marketing materials so that people can easily find you online.

Interaction is Key

200472244-001Another great advantage of Facebook is that it allows you to quickly and easily interact with customers. Keep a close eye on your Facebook page to see what users are posting there, and make sure you respond to questions and complaints as quickly as possible. When potential customers see that your business goes the extra mile to help address all concerns, this will create a positive impression of your brand.

As long as you stay engaged, the effort that you put into your Dallas social media marketing campaign will pay off massively. Listen to the advice of marketing experts, get started on creating your Page, and find out what impact you can have simply by interacting online!


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