Why Radio is Right for your DFW Business


Even though it’s been overshadowed in recent years by other forms of media, radio remains a stalwart and time-proven form of outreach. In fact, in terms of its combination of reach and affordability, radio can be one of the best methods through which a growing Dallas business can advertise!

The Dallas radio market is the fifth-largest in the country, with nearly five million daily listeners, which makes it a powerful avenue of outreach for virtually any business. Yet, in our view, not enough businesses are taking advantage of it.

This may be due to some misconceptions about radio advertising, which we’d like to clear up.

Five Reasons That The Dallas Radio Market Is Right For Your Business

1. Affordability

495649151Contrary to many people’s beliefs, radio advertising is quite affordable. The equipment needed to produce the ads is, at this point, ubiquitous. These days, most computers – or even many tablets – have everything you need for competent audio production.

Similarly, buy-in rates are usually comparably low, often only in the hundreds of dollars. When combined with the ease of content creation, Dallas radio becomes a highly affordable option.

2. Laser-Focused Targeting

One of the biggest advantages of radio that’s overlooked is its ability to target a message. Most stations have extremely focused niche markets, with extremely detailed profiles of their average listeners. A radio station that matches your demographics can 160481972hand you qualified leads on a platter.

Whether you’re looking for a Christian market on 89.7 “Power” FM, the urban demographic on 97.9 “The Beat,” the kids listening to KISS 106, or the upper-class classical buffs listening to WRR, there’s a Dallas radio market for every demographic.

3. Rapid Implementation

Radio ads generally have very short lead times, and can often go from concept to air in as little as a couple weeks. Radio stations are often struggling to find enough sponsors, so finding slots for your spots is generally quick and easy. There isn’t anything resembling the hassle involved in getting a TV spot on-air.

Likewise, this means that an under-performing ad can be replaced quickly. If you aren’t getting the response you want, it doesn’t take long to produce a new spot and put it into rotation instead.

4. Accurate Impressions Data

Radio, like TV, uses the Nielsen system to track listeners, which is sometimes inaccurate. However, most stations also include online simulcasts and partnerships with satellite radio providers, which give them far more accurate information on listenership.

When your DFW business advertises on radio, you’ll quickly get highly detailed information on the ad’s reach, making it easier to track the success of your campaigns.

5. Radio is for All Businesses

It’s probably a holdover from the 80s and 90s, but a misconception persists that only large companies can effectively utilize radio. Nothing could be further from the truth. Radio is probably the most democratic and egalitarian of the broadcast mediums.

Virtually anyone can afford to own a radio, and likewise, virtually anyone can afford to advertise on radio. For smaller businesses, it’s the perfect way to increase their presence in the Dallas area, without breaking the budget on PR stunts or costly TV adverts.

Are You Putting Your Message on the Radio?

For most businesses, radio-based marketing is only a small fraction of their budget… but it brings big returns. In terms of exposure-for-money, there are few more reliable ways to get your message out to the people of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Radio_one_logoIf you haven’t looked into radio, call Radio One Dallas. You might be surprised how affordable Dallas radio advertising can be.

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