15 Things Successful Brand Managers Should Master


Recently, I spoke on a marketing panel at a Young Entrepreneur’s Conference at the University of Texas, at Dallas.  In my conversations with these bright young dreamers, one reoccurring theme was a constant question….How do you build a successful brand?

Now, I love opportunities like this because it allows me to share a few brand management insights I learned from working with several successful brand managers throughout my career. I wanted to share with you a few of the insights I’ve learned.  I collaborated with my good friend Sheldon Boyea, Senior Brand Manager at Kimberly Clark Corporation to share a list of 15 jewels and insights with you. It is important to understand the consumer is boss and should drive everything you do.  Enjoy!


  1. Mastery of brand fundamentals and mechanics
  2. Differentiated approaches to market segmentation
  3. Ability to Influence and affect the chain of CHOICE
  4. How to conduct research that uncovers AVHFD (attitudes, values, hopes, fears and desires) and the primary drivers of human behavior.
  5. Branding and marketing to appeal to all of the 5 senses to drive deeper connections with consumers
  6. The ability to find FOCUS and ALIGNMENT in everything you do.
  7. Brand naming strategies, key elements of a strong brand identity system
  8. Mastery of the Art of Translation, through language, culture and lifestyle
  9. An eye for talent, recruiting and or developing the right creative teams and resources to help create the vision
  10. Measuring brand equity and the most important marketing metrics
  11. Flawless execution on your strategy without exception
  12. Marketing in a digital world – People are not just looking for information and content, people now want experiences
  13. The ability to establish and defend your marketing budget
  14. How to measure ROI for different types of marketing programs
  15. Beyond demographics, building lifestyle profiles for your target consumers so you can be an integral part of their daily lives

Click for a bonus tip** Managing and creating global brands – The demographics are constantly shifting and most growth is coming from international markets

 Please feel free to share any branding insights you have, leave us a comment!

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