How the “Connected Car” took a wrong turn!

Mazda3 dashboard

Ok, you must admit the notion of having a “Dashboard of the Future” is kinda cool, Wifi connected, with streaming audio features, voice commands and social integration screams fun!  I wonder though, face booking, tweeting, texting and driving is a scary notion no matter how cool, sleek and well designed the Dashboard of the future may look.  Automakers are in a rush to design the future automobile that could change the way we drive forever.  Actually it could revolutionize the way we drive forever.  Just think of the amazing things you could do with a smart Dashboard.

A smart dashboard could solve so many problems that we deal with while driving the unconnected car of today.  Our approach to roadside assistance and emergency services are a couple of unique things that can be innovated. Well that’s before Mazda released it’s big game commercial featuring the “Connected Car”.  The commercial was cool but Mazda received a lot of backlash and attention as the commercial shows a guy doing the impossible, checking face book page as he is driving.


senator-jay-rockefellerWow, this ad really prompts the following question will the “Dashboard of the future cause more automobile accidents” Even to the point that our federal government took notice as the chairman of the commerce committee Sen. Jay Rockerfeller (W,VA – Dem) took aim at the auto industry and wrote this.  I’m not saying I’m against the Dashboard of the Future, I actually embrace it…..I do believe there are ways to safely introduce this without sacrificing safe driving.

Take a moment and think about the cool add-ons and service features a connected car could have.  Advances in technology are moving at the speed of light what was cool three months ago has become obsolete today.  Let’s think about the future and safely embrace where our cars may take us.

What are your thoughts, please comment below and share your feedback.

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