3 Ways to Save $4 Million in Super Bowl Advertising

super bowl

Advertising during the Big Game is every marketers dream opportunity, all the pressure to pull off something brilliant…great way to make your career, right?  Now, let me welcome you to the 21st century the Age of Technology. These days there are really clever ways to get your message to consumers without spending $4 million in advertising on a Super Bowl Commercial.  I know we all love those witty and sometimes hilarious commercials advertisers push during the Big Game. It makes you wonder if the message really gets through to the consumers.

family football get together-resized-600Just think about all the food, drinks and family friendly fun that consumer’s delight in and if the ad’s don’t make me laugh I forget about it, I totally miss the point.  Oh and if you watched this year’s Big Game think about the second half advertisers, they must really be bummed.  This game was virtually over after the 1st half as the Seahawks routed the Broncos leaving most fans stunned and astonished at the same time.

Can we really expect the fans to sit through beat downs like that and remember what businesses to support after the game?  Not likely.  Well that’s why I’m sharing some jewels to consider the next time you want your brand to shine during the Super Bowl or any other heavily watched TV event.  Here are my 3 Ways to Save $4 Million in Super Bowl Advertising:

  • Issue a Challenge:  If your competitors are publicly traded companies issue a challenge to them. Soda Stream did just that, when they issued a challenge to Coke and Pepsi.  The original spot was banned from TV but that did not stop it from being viewed, check the stats.

Just Get Drunk and Tweet: Live event reporting can be very entertaining and even draw eyes from the Big Game just think JC Penny’s sounded drunk on twitter check out Buzz Feeds Coverage on how they gained a lot of attention during the Super Bowl.


Who doesn’t love a good marketing stunt:  Don’t believe the hype; check out the PR Stunt Doritos pulled off.  Everyone love’s great pic’s from the event. Think about it like this before the age of social media, you would never pick up the phone and call a friend to tell them you’re eating Doritos at the Big Game.


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