Google Chromecast. Sent by the Gods?

I can hardly contain myself as I muster up enough focus to write this blog for you guys!

Ok, here I go…

I LOVE GOOGLE CHROMECAST!  There.  I said it.  I feel sooooo much better now (sigh.)


Please allow me to elaborate on my adoration for the new (well, not so new) Google Chromecast.Well, as some of you may or may not know, Google released their Chromecast Streaming Device in the U.S on July 24, 2013.  How I didn’t know about this, I don’t know, but I digress.  But, I believe that I have never heard of it until now (like some of you) maybe because I was trying to setup up my mother’s ROKU box that would never stay connected, or figuring out if I’m going to keep my massive DirectTV Cable boxes & monthly service.  Or maybe I was apparently living under a rock, because I totally believe that Google has thrown a superb curve ball out there that is a serious game changer.  Not just for ROKU or the Nintendo Wii (that can also stream movies and video,) but for any corporation that has their hand in how we receive our viewing pleasure.  Whether it be cable TV giants, gaming devices, streaming devices, etcetera etcetera.

In a nutshell, the Google Chromecast device is a small, sleek USB type device that plugs into the back of your HDMI ready Television that allows you to stream movies, videos and music from your cell phone & laptop; all made possible through connecting to your Wi-Fi service.

How cool is that?!  You’re cell phone is your remote control!  You can plug the device in anywhere as long as you are using a HDMI TV.


Now let me explain my past streaming heartbreaks with other devices that has lead me to my instant love affair with Google Chromecast.

I first began my search for Wi-Fi Streaming possibilities back in 2009 when I realized that my Nintendo Wii offered the option to watch Netflix via their console and with your Wi-Fi connection.  Sounded pretty good, I was amazed!  But something was missing.  I always had to be at home to watch movies via that stationary console.


In 2011, I started streaming movies on my tablet.  I didn’t have to be shackled to my Nintendo Wii anymore, but the screen was so small.


Then this past August, my Mom asked me what she could do to stream movies on her TV like I was currently doing.  And since buying a $130 gaming console with games she was never going to utilize, I had to come up with an alternative.  So I talked her into buying a ROKU.  I thought “this is going to be easy as pie” after reading the simple directions.  And it was, excluding the long setup process of setting up an account online, downloading the updates to the ROKU devices once it was connected the new user account and the Wi-Fi connection.  Then with all that done, the connection kept dropping!!!  We purchased two boxes and the same thing kept happening.

Enough was enough.

So last week or so, I’m watching Hulu on my cell phone, just squinting away, and the commercial break comes on.  It’s an ad for Google Chromecast.  I never click on the “click here for more info” option in the top right corner, but this struck a chord.  It was like the pearly gates had opened in my mind.  This was what I had be searching for for the last 4 years!

I immediately called my Mom and told her about it.  The excitement in my voice sold her.  So we went out this weekend and purchased her a Google Chromecast for only $35 at BestBuy!

When I tell you this thing was seamless to setup, you still won’t be able to comprehend how seamless I mean.  You do it all through your phone in these easy steps:

  • Download the Google Chromecast App to your cell phone from the Google Play Store or the App Store for iPhones.  And open the app.

app download

  • Plug the Google Chromecast device to your HDMI TV.

plugged in

  • Click the “Input/Source” button on your TV’s remote to find the Chromecast setup screen (usually HDMI1 or HDMI2.)


  • Then go to setup option on the app, this will then ask you to connect to your Wi-Fi on your phone.


  • The cell phone will then sync your Wi-Fi & connect to the device.
  • Once all this is done, you have a wait time of about 15 mins (or less) for the device to download upgrades, then you’re ready to begin.


  • Click on your Netflix app icon outside of your chromecast app now. When the app opens you will see an icon that looks like a square with Wi-Fi bands coming from the corner.  When you click on this, it will sync with the Google Chromecast device; which will make it visible on you TV screen.  Now you can begin watching your movie via your Television.



This is too awesome!

Now go forth my techie comrades and partake in all the beautiful possibilities that Google Chromecast has made imaginable and be fruitful in your viewing and listening experiences.






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