New DART App Makes Commute to State Fair as Easy as Fried Apple Pie!

gopasspicEach year I look forward to stuffing my face with the newest fried concoctions at one of the biggest events to hit the Lone Star State .I am, of course, referring to the State Fair of Texas! While I can’t sleep thinking about all the great treats I will be tasting when I get to the fairgrounds, I sigh thinking about the commute to get there. Many fairgoers, like me, don’t like riding around for several minutes fighting for parking spaces in traffic. So instead  we take Dallas Area Rapid Transit.Dallas Area Rapid Transit, or the DART as many of us commonly call it, is the great public transportation that takes you all over the Dallas-area including Fair Park. Each year, I stand in the long lines to buy my paper ticket to ride the DART. This is an experience all in its own, as hundreds of people wait eagerly to grab their ticket before the next train comes. I was overjoyed to hear the DART system has launched a new digital ticketing system for mobile devices! The GoPass application can be downloaded for free on mobile devices and tickets for the DART trains and buses can be purchased through it. This cuts out having to stand in line for tickets in the Texas heat and creates an overall convenience for DART users.

So why is the use of mobile applications beneficial to both your business and your consumers?

Convenience, Convenience, convenience….

The use of mobile technology gives the customer the opportunity to make purchases, check information and many other functions right at their fingertips. This also keeps your brand connection to an individual without them having to be physically at your location. In regards to your business, mobile applications give you the opportunity to capture many statistics of your consumers. You are able to see which products your mobile users tend to buy through the application versus other methods. This also gives you a database of users that you can market new products to through your application.

Mobile applications create a convenient experience for the consumer and gives your business information that can help increase brand awareness. It is also an easy way to communicate to your consumer. I look forward to the launch of the GoPass on September 16th and stuffing my face next month at the State Fair of Texas!

Make your product or service just as convenient by creating a mobile app. Click below to learn more.

create business app

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