Join the App Movement and Get Your Consumers Engaged!

FoxappThe season finale of So You Think You Can Dance was last night and what a great finale it was! You may or may not be a fan but if you were, this season was the best yet!  Why?  Well, the dancing, of course; but also because of The FOX NOW app.  This year, you didn’t have to remember every dancer’s phone number or text code and risk getting confused and accidently vote for the wrong one. The horror! The FOX NOW app allowed you to vote from one page AND you could even vote multiple times at one time.  How easy is that?  Plus, FOX now has all of my information and knows what shows I like to watch.  How is that for consumer intelligence?

The app is very similar to what the premium channels like HBO and Showtime have offered for a few years now. HBO & Showtime previously allowed subscribers to watch any and all of their favorite shows from their website.  This was unique because before On Demand, there wasn’t a place to re-watch your favorite series unless you DVR’d it.  The FOX NOW APP now offers the same thing and more.  You can watch any FOX show from your cell phone or tablet and join in on conversations. You can also watch special footage and interviews from various shows.

I think it’s a great way to stay on top of all of the FOX shows and get excited about new shows.

Local business owners should check out the app and see how you can stay top of mind with your consumers and get them excited about your upcoming products and/or events.

So check out the app if you are a fan. Or, if you’re not a Fox fan try it out anyway and see how you can keep your consumers engaged and increase your business revenue.

5 Ways to Create Consumer Apps

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