3 Steps to Building Brand Loyalty

brand loyaltyOne of the biggest challenges facing marketers is gaining and retaining customers. All customers are of value, but that value doesn’t equal consumer loyalty to your brand. Some consumers of your brand become lifelong users, advocates and enthusiast.  Other consumers are less committed to your brand and are easily swayed through consumer promotions, competitive pricing and convenience. You can’t please all consumers at all times. What is not a given, however, is the size of the “loyalist” segment for any given brand.

Brand loyalty is built on the foundation of every interaction your customer has with your product or service.   Below are 3 ways to ignite a relationship between brand and consumer:

  1. Build Brand Personality:   Breathe life into your brand by sharing stories, words, images and messages that reiterate your company’s values.  Two key points to keep in mind when telling your brand’s story is Core Demographic and Unique Selling Proposition.
  2. Utilize Multiple Touch Points:  Find places to connect with your consumer.  Profile, segment and analyze your customer base and past buying patterns and create personalized, two-way interactions with your customers that are relevant and customized. Don’t group your customers as mere statistics. Pay more attention to their behaviors.  Event Marketing, Social Media, Digital Ads, Radio, Television and Print can all be utilized as consumer touch points.  Find the best multimedia mix and connect.
  3. Listen To Your Customer:  Anticipate their needs and enhance your products to exceed your customer’s expectations.  Companies that are committed to both their customer and brand look for places to engage.  They understand that communication is a two-way street. In this digital age, companies have many resources and outlets to listen to their customers. For example, reading online reviews and responding to social media conversations, even those comments that may be critical of a company aids consumer engagement.

So give your customers a reason to return over and over again through personable interactions and meeting them where they are.

Learn how to connect with your potential “loyalists” by download our 10 Best Facebook Practices.

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