Cars, Models, and Mohawks, Oh My! – Human Billboard Marketing

mohawk1-resized-600I hope everyone in Dallas got a chance to attend the 97.9 The Beat’s 8th Annual Dub Custom Car Show & Concert – it was a sight to see!!!  Not only did we have the hottest hip hop artists performing and the coolest custom cars in the nation, but did anyone notice how everyone seized the opportunity to market and brand themselves??  From the car clubs and music producers to the women (marketing a company or just marketing themselves 🙂 ), it was amazing to see grassroots marketing at its finest.

One marketing tool that I enjoyed the most was The Mohawk Guy.  His unique way of spreading awareness leaves a lasting impression with consumers.  It’s like a human billboard.  Apparently this is catching on in other states too. Mohwak Gaz, a Mohawk marketer in Florida has had 25 companies hire him in the last 8 months.

I think this type of marketing worked great at our car show for attendees and our client “Big AL.”  He not only caused a double take by people walking by, but he also engaged them. They wanted to touch his hair, they wanted to know who painted it, they wanted a picture to show their friends and find out just who “Big Al,” was.  Once they found “Big Al”, he was able to start a conversation about his business and how he could help leaving our client well pleased.

In addition to Mohawk marketing, the car clubs made their own grassroots statement by wearing identical t-shirts and/or outfits.  It definitely turned heads when you saw ten people dressed alike walking through the crowds passing out flyers and business cards.  Local music producers made a similar impact by showcasing their music with DJs spinning records, music booming out of loud speakers and flashing techno lights all in one booth.

I truly enjoyed seeing these local businesses taking advantage of the event and using word of mouth and human billboards to increase exposure for their brand.

Have you thought of using grassroots marketing for your brand? If not, take a read below on how other companies have used grassroots marketing to their advantage.

Also find out how you can develop the marketing strategies for your small business with our “Small Business Guide to Building an Effective Marketing Strategy.”

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