The Benefits of Brand Engagement Through Experiential Marketing

brandengagementThis weekend, I attended the 8th Annual DUBCustom Car Show and Concert and was fascinated by the various vendors and their methods of brand engagement at the event.  I spoke to a few vendors to see what methods work best for them and the benefits they realized from experiential marketing.  Experiential Marketing can be referred to, or exist in many various formats such as Event Marketing, Live Marketing or Sponsorship Activation.

When considering if experiential marketing is right for your business, think about how to customize your marketing program to bring your brand face-to-face with consumers.  This live marketing platform allows your business to shape the brand experience unlike any other marketing medium.  Whether it be product sampling, mobile tours, acquisition programs, street teams, demonstrations or stunts, experiential marketing brings your brand to life and delivers unique experiences.   If your company doesn’t have the manpower to undertake such a marketing strategy, consider contracting a street team to help you.

The majority of the Car Show vendors discovered they could get their product or service in front of a whole new audience by utilizing experiential marketing! One business in particular tracks the sales performance after each event they attend. They are able to see a significant uplift in sales as a result of the marketing strategy.

In addition, there are several innovative event technology tools to consider integrating into your experiential marketing strategy.  A few include are:

  • Data Capture – collects real-time information from any remote location. This system dramatically improves event tracking, reporting, data-capture, and post-event communications.
  • Micro-sites – built to reflect your brand and the campaign.  The sites provide a centralized location where the campaign lives before, during and after activation.
  • Social Media – utilize blogging, photo/video uploading and friend/fan procurement.
  • Photo Marketing – range in scale from basic camera and backdrop photo ops to the use of green screens, superimposed logos, objects and backgrounds and make your own videos
  • Mobile Marketing – mobile coupon delivery, voting, polling, text-to-screen, and text alerts are great mobile marketing methods that can produce successful results.
  • Blue Tooth Technology – deliver an In-spot message into a mobile handset within a certain range/radius

Experiential marketing is the difference between telling people about features of a product or service and letting them experience the benefits for themselves. When done right, it’s the most powerful tool out there to win brand loyalty.

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