Consumer Data Does Not Lie

After recently reviewing the latest Scarborough data for the Dallas/Ft. Worth market, I walked away re-inspired and more confident that data and figures can help you way more than they can hurt you.

matrix-numbersHealthcare is one of the industries that I’ve been heavily prospecting and I’ve noticed a couple of challenges along the way.  I find that trying to pitch advertising values to a hospital or specialty clinic can be complicated as it has been for me. The first obstacle I always face is providing enough data and proof that our consumers consist of the very specific patients that they serve on a day to day basis. My sales technique has always been more about painting the big picture and creating effective marketing solutions. Typically in delivering my presentation, I’ve avoided using too much statistical data in order to prevent the client from being overwhelmed by numbers. Selling often focusing on concepts, rates and results; but I’ve always been afraid that too many numbers would confuse the client, confuse me or derail the conversation from the main goal of developing integrated marketing solutions.

However, I find not that if you keep the statistics simple and relevant you can not only educate them on the valuable information enhance the marketing strategy. Remember, NUMBERS DON’T LIE! This very helpful information that can support your Valid Business Reason (VBR).

For example, I had a CNA appointment with a very potential key prospect. This client owns an athletic recovery center. I took key information from the 2012 Scarborough data such as:

–          Activities done in the past 12 months (jogging, golf, yoga)

–          Lifestyle characteristics (belonging to a health/fitness club or gym)

–          Athletic events attended/participated in past 12 months (marathons)

–          Medications – reasons bought in past 12 months (Arthritis, High blood pressure)

–          Specialists used past 12 months (Chiropractor, skin doctor, Orthopedics)

–          And… The number of people who prefer alternative medicine to traditional medical


After I went over this key information with my client, he responded, “This is the best client profile presented I’ve ever seen!”

What made that CNA such a success? What allowed me to close the deal?

I combined my concrete information to amplify my sales approach to prove that the client’s results will meet their expectations.  The statistical information became the icing on the cake!

I believe the client trusted in my marketing solution for their brand since the data helped them get a clear picture on what their ROI will be. They couldn’t argue that our products and services aren’t the best platforms to take their brand to the next level.

So don’t let the research intimidate you as it once did me.

Customize it; simplify it, and incorporate it into your unique marketing approach to efficiently close a buy.

And remember, numbers don’t lie.

Find out how you can use consumer data to develop your marketing strategy by Downloading our Small Business Guide to Building an Effective Marketing Strategy!

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