RADIO: “The Original Social Media”


With all the changes and a myriad of choices in consuming media, the RADIO that we turn on and listen every day is more relevant than ever.

Radio was the FIRST and original social media.  Think about it. What is more compelling than the human voice, the one-one-one connection, the single source can that can connect you immediately to the community, influence, inform, entertain and motivate? It’s RADIO.

Latitude Research and OpenMind Strategy just completed comprehensive research study that concludes “radio remains very popular across multiple platforms.  The research says several key groups – including millennials and generation Z – remain especially attached to radio, finding it “trustworthy,” “human,” and “relate-able”

  • 92 percent of all respondents listen to radio at least once a week.
  • 80 percent say radio is helpful in discovering new artists or songs.
  • 82 percent say the first thing they do when they get in a car is turn on the radio.
  • 66 percent agree that their favorite radio stations reflect who they are as a person.
  • 78 percent agree that radio has the power to make a difference in the community
  • 85 percent say radio is more accessible than at any time before and 78 percent say they can access radio anywhere.

Radio has warmth, excitement, it’s authoritative, fun, and it connects to the human spirit and can ignite every possible emotion.

Today social media outlets are here and will be forever a part of our social fabric.

RADIO and its one-to-one personal connection is relevant more today than ever . . . RADIO is the ORGINAL SOCIAL MEDIA!

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