Your Social Brand/Image Matters- Get it Right!


How you present yourself in IMAGE/BRAND does matter! In today’s social and electronic world, what you say, how you say it and how you present yourself makes all the difference to YOUR BRAND.

Your LinkedIn, Facebook, and email communication count towards your image/brand. Do you have spelling errors in your LinkedIn Summary; does your profile picture really depict what you want it to show professionally? What is the IMAGE/ BRAND you are representing to your company, outside vendors and potential clients?

I’ve read too many emails, online posts, blogs or FB pages that contain images and comments that questionably align with the image/brand that the person is trying to present. There is nothing more important than your BRAND. Just like an advertising campaign, you have to think deeper and be strategic about how everything appears to the outside world. Its seems people spend more time planning a vacation or playing video games than thinking about how their image/brand is going to appear to everyone they communicate with, especially in the business world.

Recently, I viewed a LinkedIn page that contained a photo that was let’s say, “less than flattering.” To be honest, the gentleman looked a little pissed off. He was frowning and his picture was blurry. I was surprised to find that as a VP of Sales at a major company he would choose this type of photo to represent his brand. Would you connect with a person or company viewing a profile like that?


Here are 5 Simple Steps to Take Before Publishing Your Brand:

1. Spell Check– spell check, spell check, oh and did I mention: spell check.

2. Proofread– Have a trusted friend or colleague proofread your summary or blog post before you hit the submit button.

3. Better Quality Pictures-Always use a high quality image that has accurate lighting to keep the photo from looking distorted.

4. Sleep on it– Before posting anything, step back and review it.

5. Final Check-Make sure the summary or blog post meets the image and the BRAND that you want to showcase.

Please take time to review what you send out because your image and personal brand DOES matter!

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