Facebook Marketing + Free Stuff = Good Fun!

“One never knows how loyalty is born.” – Bertram Cooper

Yes, I’m a MAD MEN fan and I can’t wait for the new season!  However, I am a bit miffed that they made us wait so long, but that’s ok, as long as the new season lives up to the hype.  *Fingers crossed*

So today’s quote rang true to me a couple of weeks ago.  Since I sell social media, I always wonder if what I’m selling is really working.  I know there is power in Facebook, but does it really get someone to change their plans or drive out to a store to participate or engage in a product?  Moments later, I would come to answer my own question.

As most people do, my morning routine consists of checking emails, checking my to-do list for the day and a quick scroll on Facebook to find out if anything exciting happened last night.  As I’m scrolling through Facebook, I happen upon a post from the Bishop Arts page promoting “Free Crepe Day” at Café Brazil.  Yes, FREE CREPES!!  Now, not only did the word FREE catch my attention but my favorite dish at Café Brazil are the crepes – so it was a double whammy for me.  Fortunately, my coworker is a foody just like me, so I stopped everything I was doing to interrupt his phone call to share the good news.  He quickly responded: “So what time are we leaving?”

We basically re-arrange our day to leave by 10:45am and head towards free crepes.  The post did say “first come first serve” and “until supplies last” – so that meant, we must leave early.  We did have to “like” Café Brazil before we left and I proceeded to like every location.  I didn’t mind, I truly do enjoy Café Brazil but just haven’t been in a while.

We arrive and to my surprise, it wasn’t busy at all.  My first thought was that the Bishop Arts location is probably packed and maybe people don’t know about the Addison location. Truthfully, I didn’t even know there was an Addison location.  I thought the closest one to my work was the Richardson location.  I wonder how successful the post really was for Café Brazil.

Although the crepes were free, we did have to pay for our drink which was no big deal.  We were served our delicious crepes and had a wonderful time.  Lunch is so much better when it’s free!!!  We now plan to go back, not only for the delicious food, but the location is in a good spot and it is a great getaway for lunch.

So what exactly made me change my plans for the day?  Was it just because it was free?  Was it because I’m already a fan of Café Brazil and their crepes are my fav, or was it the combination of the two?  I’m not really sure.  If it was a new restaurant that offered free entrées, my coworker and I would have probably tried it out anyway.  But there is always little risk when its free right?  I don’t really know the answers, but Café Brazil’s Facebook Marketing did work for us that special day.

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